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Bridge the Gap


What is Bridge the Gap?

More than 100 students each semester at Thomas Nelson are dropped from enrollment due to an inability to pay for their courses. Often the funds missing represent the “gap,” an amount of money needed between the cost of education and the funds that a student has received through scholarships, financial aid, and personal funds. The average Thomas Nelson student’s financial gap is about $1,100 – this amount can sometimes mean the difference between a dropout and a graduate.

Why Give?

The Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation believes that if a student wishes to receive an education finances should not be an inhibiting factor. By providing funds to fill the gap, the Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation can help retain 200+ students per year.

  • Enable students from all backgrounds to enroll, continue, or complete their education by providing them with additional financial assistance.
  • Encourage education in underserved populations who would not otherwise have the opportunity.
  • Increase student success at Thomas Nelson, measured by the retention rate, by financially assisting students who wish to continue their education, but do not have the funds required for enrollment.

Bridge the Gap - Where are We?

The Bridge the Gap fund has raised $10,000 privately through grants and individual donations from college employees, alumni, and friends of the College. Please give today to help us provide brighter futures and to benefit our community.