Naima Ford - Employee Giving Profile | Thomas Nelson Community College

Naima Ford - Employee Giving Profile

Naima Ford

As a member of the PR & Marketing team, Naima Ford shares good news about Thomas Nelson to the media and community. She joined Thomas Nelson in 2013 to handle media relations and promote workforce development initiatives, as well as other exciting enterprises at the College. 

Naima is a proud alumna of Hampton University. Upon graduating, Naima became a member of Hampton’s marketing and communications unit. Naima joined Thomas Nelson with first-hand knowledge of the impact educational foundations make upon students and the institutions they serve. In her previous position, Naima would often work closely with the development staff to publicize major achievements. 

Naima gives to her alma mater and Thomas Nelson. She believes, “it is important to support higher education because of the life-changing experiences students have and long-term impact of education on a community.” In FY 2014 - 2015, the Thomas Nelson alumni network of nearly 28,000 members contributed $262.1 million in added regional income, the equivalent of supporting 4,901 jobs. 

Naima and her husband teach their children, Langston and Laila, the timeless virtue of charity. She shares, “when it is clear the kids are no longer interested in their toys, we have a conversation to let them decide which toys they will donate to Goodwill. We want them to be appreciative of what they have and be compassionate towards others.” 

As a member of the PR team, Naima has a front-row seat to Thomas Nelson’s success stories. She’s always impressed by students’ determination to improve their lives by overcoming numerous obstacles to complete their studies or successfully transfer to a four-year partner. 

Naima affirms, “we give to the Foundation to fund the programs and services that will help students succeed. We’re all here to help students succeed. If you can’t make a large gift, that’s ok. Give what you can. It’s the effort that counts.”