Dr. Patrick Tompkins - Employee Giving Profile | Thomas Nelson Community College

Dr. Patrick Tompkins - Employee Giving Profile

In a move to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 amid a surging new variant, Thomas Nelson (becoming Virginia Peninsula Community College) is switching most of its classes from in-person to virtual for the first two weeks of spring semester. Read more.

Patrick Tompkins

Anyone who has sat in Dr. Patrick Tompkins’ office knows he is a big proponent of the visual and performing arts. He has several drawings and paintings that were created by his spouse, who is a Thomas Nelson fine arts student. 

Patrick has been the Dean of Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences since 2013. The College’s mission is at the heart of Patrick’s service. He is driven by the impact the College has on the lives of students and the Virginia peninsula. 

Patrick attests to Thomas Nelson’s value, “We provide a quality and affordable education that our competitors can’t match. Many students come to our doors wanting to change their lives. We offer numerous programs that lead directly to employment after graduation.” 

When Patrick considers philanthropic organizations to support, Thomas Nelson rises above other institutions. He stated, “I choose to support Thomas Nelson instead of my alma mater, Villanova University, because Villanova is a very large institution with deep resources. Supporting Thomas Nelson directly impacts our students, campus, and community.” 

While Thomas Nelson remains more affordable than other institutions, many students could not attend the College if financial assistance was not available. Two out of three students receive some form of financial aid, which includes grants, scholarships, and loans. Additionally, the Foundation gave nearly $150,000, a 35% increase from the previous year, to students in 2016-17. 

Patrick has a philanthropic history that predates his time at Thomas Nelson. While he was employed at John Tyler Community College, he began to support its educational foundation by making small donations. As an administrator at Thomas Nelson, Patrick feels it’s his duty to demonstrate leadership giving. 

Patrick embraces his ability to be a role model for other employees considering giving to the Foundation. He stated, “It would be great if every employee makes a donation to the Educational Foundation. But why should they give if I, as an administrator, don’t give? It starts with me supporting the College’s mission.” While the decision to give to the Educational Foundation may be individual, the impact is collective.