Military & Veteran Services Introducing INDOC Orientation

Virginia Peninsula Community College’s Military & Veteran Services (MVS) team will debut its new student orientation called MVS INDOC this summer semester.

Designed for military-affiliated students, MVS INDOC will help new and current students learn MVS office vernacular so students can understand how to use their educational benefits, maximize services offered through MVS, and succeed in college.

Officials emphasize, while helpful to military-affiliated students, MVS INDOC is a supplemental orientation that does not replace the College’s new student orientation.

Taking place in-person on the Hampton campus, sessions will cover:

Military Education Benefits
What MVS offers
Which campus services overlap with MVS, including:
Financial Aid
Single Stop
Campus Safety


Sessions are set for 3:30 – 5 p.m. in the Wythe Gallery, outside room 253 as follows:

Summer 2023 MVS INDOC
Wednesday, May 17

Fall 2023 MVS INDOC
Wednesday, July 26
Wednesday, Aug. 9
Wednesday, Sept. 13

Attendees can talk with all speakers and representatives during and after. Sessions will conclude with a scavenger hunt to help familiarize students with the location of vital student services on the Hampton campus.

Why the name, INDOC? INDOC is the military shortened form of "indoctrinate." Definitions include (1) To teach (i.e., a person or group of people) systematically to accept doctrines, esp. uncritically and (2) Rare, to impart learning to; instruct. The military uses the word indoctrinate to introduce a new subject, a new way of thinking, or a new way of learning a particular topic or subject, especially when civilians enter boot camp or military personnel attend training schools, MVS officials explained.

Questions? Contact Military & Veteran Services at or 757-825-3442.