Kent is Navigating Success with VPCC as a Steppingstone

Christian Kent made his way from Virginia Peninsula Community College to the corporate track. The foundation was laid when he received an associate of science degree in business administration in 2016.

“I aimed for a degree that would provide me with a broad skill set applicable in diverse professional landscapes,” he said.

Kent enrolled at the VPCC in 2011, and majoring in business has served him well. He is now flourishing at Chesapeake Bank, where he has been a systems architect for two years. He rose quickly in the ranks.

“In my current role, I contribute to enhancing and connecting the bank’s diverse systems for improved efficiency,” he explained, noting he started as a teller and transitioned to marketing before landing his present role on the bank’s Data & Logistics team.

The Gloucester High School graduate, who began working while still in high school, decided to remain in the workforce after completing his VPCC studies. The desire to continue gaining valuable hands-on experience motivated him.

"I wanted to enhance my resume to qualify for more advanced and fulfilling job opportunities," said Kent, who lives in Williamsburg. "My career choice was influenced by a pursuit of what I found enjoyable and fulfilling, aligning with my passions and interests. 

He emphasized VPCC was vital in preparing him for his career.

“VPCC played a crucial role in developing my soft skills in business, including public speaking and financial understanding. Returning for a graphic design class further broadened my skill set,” he said.

Recollecting his student experience, Kent cherishes the relationships he formed with peers. He also fondly remembers an art history instructor who made learning engaging and memorable. Those connections, the College’s affordability, proximity to home and other positive factors affirmed he made the right choice for his higher education journey.

 Acknowledging he wholeheartedly recommends VPCC, Kent has sound advice for students, current and prospective.

“My advice is: find a balance. Avoid taking on too much at once. I learned that success often comes from a focused and manageable course load,” he offered.

The quest for knowledge is not on the back burner for Kent. A continuous learner, he recently graduated from the Chesapeake Financial Shares leadership course, underscoring his commitment to professional development.

He is excited about the future, envisioning the next five years as a period of continued growth in his current role.  

While his fulfilling career occupies a lot of time, Kent spends free time enjoying simple pleasures, including fatherhood. He marvels at his toddler.

“Watching my one and a half-year-old grow is a source of immense joy, and serves as a passionate focus in my life,” he enthused.

 Kent is grateful for his mother’s influence, hard work, and the sacrifices she made that allowed him to attend college. He also acknowledges many friends who supported him through academic challenges and other life events.

As Kent continues navigating the intricacies of his career and homelife, one thing remains clear: time spent at Virginia Peninsula Community College was a decisive chapter in his story.