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Better Security Behind IT Upgrade

June 6, 2019
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For the past four weeks, Nick Moberg has been working tirelessly to upgrade the security measures on the computers used by Thomas Nelson staff. However, he wasn’t seen at every desk because he’s been doing his work behind the scenes.

“I can do it all in the background,” said Moberg, an Information Technology specialist for the College.

By Monday morning, he should have completed the file server migration for about 300 College employees. Faculty computers were was not involved in this upgrade. It’s all in the name of increased security.

“We’re trying to better control security rights, who has access to what, and bringing it to a manageable level,” he said.

With the old setup, there were few standards or basics on how people were given access to certain files and folders.

“It’s just been a hodgepodge of security applications,” he said. “What I’ve done now is I’ve created a file structure that mirrors our org chart to manage rights based on your role.”

When an employee needs access to a folder, the procedure was to submit a request. Now, an employee’s access will be determined by their role, eliminating the need for such requests.

“Typically, it’s going to be role-based,” he said. “As long as we know their role, they automatically get permissions at every level that they need access to.”

He started about four weeks ago, completing a file server migration each week for a different department. But in reality, his work on it began about three years ago. His first step was getting an organizational chart in place.

“It’s something I’ve just done a little, a little, and a little bit at a time the past few years,” he said. “I just needed to finalize the version of the org chart. Once I had that, I was able to solidify everything that had been worked on.”

Moberg’s work also should eliminate the problem of people not being able to locate files or folders because they had been moved. Or having duplicated data because it was buried somewhere that few people had access to.

“This should address quite a bit of that,” he said.

The change also provided College staff members a chance to review a lot of data and files and clean them up. He mentioned having data from the early 1990s that no one had access to or was outdated.

But again, the main reason was for security.

“More of it is about us being able to audit and control our security permissions,” he said.