Fall 2018 Innovator Grant Awards Announced | Thomas Nelson Community College

Fall 2018 Innovator Grant Awards Announced

January 11, 2019

Thomas Nelson’s Educational Foundation has announced the Faculty-Staff Innovator Grant awards for fall 2018. Five projects were funded for a total of  $16,130. The Faculty-Staff Innovator Grant Program was launched in 2008 empowering faculty and staff members to develop initiatives that enhance student success through innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The grant competition is open to all faculty and staff for projects that will help advance Thomas Nelson’s strategic goals. The next round of grant applications will be due in April. More details will be provided soon.  

The Educational Foundation congratulates award recipients this cycle who include:

Sarah Linden-Brooks - Bay to Belly Traveling Exhibit. Thomas Nelson is partnering with the Waterman’s Museum to explore the region’s heritage through the exploration of the history and culture of waterman and the foods that are vital to the Chesapeake’s region and culture.  This project gives students first-hand experience in exhibit development while connecting the College to the community. The Bay to Belly exhibit will be displayed at the Waterman’s Museum in York County before traveling to Thomas Nelson and other Tidewater region locations.

Valerie Burge-Hall - Motivate, Engage, Nurture and Train (MENT) Program. The MENT program is designed to encourage student success by fostering a culture of faculty and student collaboration that provides academic, professional and personal support. The funds from this grant will be used to improve resources, host events and maximize the program’s potential for both participating students and faculty.

Jennifer Martin - Discovery of the Tapertail Inkfish. This grant allows Dr. Jennifer Martin, professor of biology, to do frontline research on the tapertail inkfish, a rare species recently believed to be discovered in the Pacific Ocean. This research strengthens Thomas Nelson’s connection to the research community, and allows for student engagement through the presentation of case studies in the classroom. 

Keisha Samuels - Women’s Conference. This grant helps offset costs for the upcoming Women’s Conference. Open to the public, the conference takes place on Thomas Nelson’s campus in the spring. The event aims to foster an environment of compassion and encouragement among women through a series of inspirational speakers and discussions. 

Lauren Williams - Canvas Mentors. With the academic transition to Canvas, this project provides faculty members with support through various training sessions for the new learning management system. These training sessions allow for deeper engagement and understanding of the new system, which in return will allow for greater communication and engagement between students and faculty.