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This Fall the Choice is Yours with 12-Week and 8-Week Terms

August 30, 2019
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Students with the goal of getting their college education started this fall were able to check that box on Aug. 21 as the fall semester kicked off.

However, Thomas Nelson provides flexible education options for anyone who needs more time to prepare fall enrollment.

The College’s 12-week and 8-week 2 fall sessions begin Sept. 16 and Oct. 16, respectively.

The two sessions offer 277 sections in various subject areas giving prospective students additional opportunities to prepare for admission.

Whether classes were full for the 16-week session or if hiccups with FAFSA or other enrollment requirements postponed prospective students from starting in August, the additional sessions provide students with an additional four to eight weeks to prepare for enrollment and get started.

“There are a lot of sections available in the upcoming sessions. They are a great way to offer additional options to students when we are unable to get them into 16-week courses,” stated Julie Lambert, coordinator of master scheduling at Thomas Nelson.  

Beyond enrollment needs, the flexible schedule allows students to do life while taking Thomas Nelson’s courses.

“The flexible dates serve students whose work schedules are not always equally demanding and who can devote focused time over a shorter period to their studies more easily than committing to the 16-week term,” stated Dr. Ursula Bock, Dean of Communication, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CHSS). “It also serves those students whose studying habits improve with shorter spurts of focus as opposed to the longer, less intensive session.”

Thomas Nelson makes College possible.

Classes are available in a numerous subject areas, including health, wellness and physical education, as well as fire science courses.   

The CHSS division is offering core General Education courses including Composition I and II, Principles of Public Speaking, Ethics, United States History American History, Survey of American Literature, and Survey of Western Culture I and II during the 12-week session.

The division is also providing Art History, Composition I and II, American History, Music Appreciation, Ethics, and Principles of Psychology during the 8-week 2 session. To offer even more flexibility, Principles of Public Speaking, Ethics, and Developmental Psychology will be offered online, as well as two hybrid Saturday courses in American History and Macroeconomics.

The Business, Public Services, Information Systems and Mathematics division is offering classes in all of its subject areas so if you need math, cybersecurity, social sciences or business and marketing courses there are multiple options available during both sessions.

And finally, if you’re looking for something new there are still opportunities to enroll in courses in the Unmanned Systems program, learning about Drone technology at the Historic Triangle campus in Williamsburg. The Science Engineering and Technology division also offers courses in HVAC, physics and biology during the upcoming fall sessions.

Class options at Thomas Nelson are created to offer our students flexibility in their choices.  For more information about available classes during each term, visit the class schedule at