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A Few Minutes With ... Matt Hedrick

July 11, 2019
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We are pleased to share another installment of a  "A Few Minutes With ..."  This weekly feature is an effort to help you become better acquainted with your Thomas Nelson colleagues. Look for a different profile each week, and be on watch for an email for your chance to be profiled in a future edition.

Name: Matt Hedrick

Title: Assistant to the Director of Learning Resources as well as temporary assistant for the Vice President of Finance & Administration

Education: Thomas Nelson (2011, Social Sciences); Christopher Newport University (2015, major in Art History & minor in Business Administration); currently at William & Mary working on a master’s in Education, Policy, Planning and Leadership

Joined Thomas Nelson: January 2017

Where did you grow up? Old Town Alexandria, moved to Williamsburg in 2004

Your family? Any pets? I’m younger by one minute than my fraternal twin brother ... have two sisters ... have a Bichon Frise (one of those fluffy lapdogs) named Chloe

How did you get interested in your career field? I got interested in being an assistant from my prior experience as a personal assistant to many families in Williamsburg. I think the challenges  I experienced made me realize I have a talent in this line of work.

Proudest working moment: My involvement in many of the college’s events, seeing the success of what we do as an institution, and how that impacts the community in any shape or form to make me realize that my work at Thomas Nelson not only has significance within my department, but for the entire institution.

What’s special to you about Thomas Nelson? The fact that I started my undergraduate career at this institution and then, having started my higher education working career (here).

Which Thomas Nelson employee do you want to give a shout-out to and why? Dr. Richard Hodges, who has seen me grow, succeed, fail, and even helped me realize the potential I had for higher education. I couldn’t ask for a better supervisor as well as a phenomenal mentor.

Other interests or hobbies: I’m an avid gardener, love buying antiques, enjoy playing tennis, and my current passion is historic architecture due to a project I am currently working on that deals with a historic home that my family will be moving into shortly.

Favorite musicians: Dave Matthews & Kenny G.

Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy you try to live by? I have two quotes I try to live by:

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.” Coco Chanel

“When we look back on all the perils through which we have passed and at the mighty foes that we have laid low and all the dark and deadly designs that we have frustrated, why should we fear for our future? We have come safely through the worst.” Winston Churchill

Last book you read or movie you saw: Currently, I am reading two books that are of interest: “The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell” by Oren Harari; “Other Duties as Assigned: Presidential Assistants in Higher Education” by Mark P. Curchack.

An interesting job you’ve had in the past: I think every job I have had has its own experiences and interests so I cannot pinpoint out one that stands out because all of them have been interesting.