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Highway Travel Safety Tips, Good Advice

May 16, 2019

Vacation season has arrived and roadways are subject to become increasingly busy. As such, College safety officials advise everyone to be mindful of actions that will make travel safer. Drivers can protect themselves and their passengers by following a few simple tips.

  • Make sure your vehicle is tuned up and in good condition for travel. 
  • Properly use seat belts and child safety seats. The rear seat is the safest place for children to ride.
  • Be flexible in setting your travel plans. Leave early if you can to avoid the peak traffic hours.
  • Stay fresh and alert when driving. Take breaks and do not push yourself to meet an unrealistic schedule. If you get tired, stop at a rest area or business, get out of the car for some fresh air, buy something to refresh you or simply relax until you feel revived. If that doesn’t work, find lodging and spend the night. 
  • Follow the speed limit. Maintain time and proper distance to react to the traffic around you. Let impatient and aggressive drivers pass you or go through the intersection ahead of you so that you control the situation.
  • Do not pass if you cannot see enough clear road to pass safely.
  • Choose a designated driver if you plan to consume alcoholic beverages at your vacation gatherings.
  • Pull off of the road if you have to use your cell phone.  

​College officials extend best wishes for safe and enjoyable travels.