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Join the Team of Peer Tutors

May 22, 2019
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Do you enjoy helping others? Do you need a part-time job? Would you like to gain valuable experience on campus with a flexible schedule that works around your classes?

Consider peer tutoring in fall 2019. Peer tutors are students who have taken a class and passed with an 'A'. They help other students tackle the tough parts of a class by offering advice and helpful approaches to conquering concepts. 

Monica Gurung, who received anAssociate of Science degree in Engineering on May 9,tutored chemistry, engineering, and math for five semesters.

"What started as a part-time job to help me earn my gas money ended up becoming one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Working as a peer tutor pushed me to better myself so that I could help my students. During my time as a Peer Tutor at TNCC, I met a lot of students who later became my friends,” she said. 

 “Every person is different and has [their] own struggles. Becoming a peer tutor gave me the opportunity to help students overcome their struggles. From helping students improve their grades from a D to an A, to motivating students and pushing them to further their education, I got to do it all. And I am really thankful to TNCC's Tutor Zone for giving me the opportunity to do so," Gurung added.

Get more information about becoming a peer tutor by clicking here, and apply online here

Please contact Tutor Zone Coordinator Eve Walker at (757) 825-2940 or, if you have questions.