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MEC 165 Students Shine

January 9, 2020
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Julie Young (left) and her students show off their certificates earned after passing an industry exam.

Students in the fall MEC 165 class had quite the semester. They studied applied hydraulics, pneumatics and hydrostatics, but their success wasn’t confined to the classroom.

They buckled down, put their knowledge to the test and passed an industry exam.   

“This is the first class to take the Festo Industry Certification exam, and we had a 100 percent pass rate,” said Julie Young, head of the College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program.

Young teaches the lecture portion of the three-credit class and Stephanie Cruz teaches the labs. The course covers fluid power system design, operation, testing, maintenance and repair.  The class, which provides an introduction to basic hydrostatic hydraulic systems, allows students to explore reservoirs, pump connecting valves, cylinders, pressure regulating valves, flow control valves and hydraulic motors.

“Receiving this industry credential by your students is a validation of their hard work and your commitment to their success. Congratulations to you and your students,” stated Seyed Akhavi, dean of Science, Engineering and Technology at Thomas Nelson.