Officials Offer Reminder on College Vehicle Reservation Process | Thomas Nelson Community College

Officials Offer Reminder on College Vehicle Reservation Process

February 7, 2019

Finance and Administration officials remind College personnel that changes to the process for reserving state vehicles and gas cards at the Hampton campus took effect last October. To make a reservation:

  • Contact Geri Mathey at or 825-2717 to receive a reservation form. Complete and returned to her. 
  • Upon receipt of the reservation form, Mathey will check vehicle availability. If a vehicle is available, a hold will be placed on the calendar and a reservation number assigned. A copy of the reservation form will be returned to you.
  • If no vehicle is available, that will be noted on the reservation form. You will need this document to qualify for reimbursement for a rental car.
  • Obtain the key in Room 10 at Harrison Hall at the time indicated on the reservation form and sign out on the log. The key will only be released to the person listed as driver on the reservation form. Upon returning to campus, return the key to Room 10 and sign the vehicle back in. 
  • If returning to campus after 5 p.m., take the key to Campus Police 
  • in Diggs Hall’s Room 153. Campus Police will return the key to Harrison Hall and the update the log.

The same process will apply to reserve a 15-passenger van in the College’s state vehicle fleet. Requestors will need to identify the class, if needed for a field trip, or list the club/organization seeking use.