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SGA Shows ‘Thank You’ Goes a Long Way

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05/28/2020 - 10:49am
May 2, 2019

The Student Government Association (SGA) rolled out the red carpet for faculty recently in a show of gratitude. After tallying survey results from students throughout the College, SGA presented a Professor Appreciation Social at the Hampton campus for those who garnered the most votes. 

Faculty members were rated in 15 categories, some of which were serious and a few humorous. Superlatives ranged from “Most Respected” and “Most Inspirational” to “Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Student” and “Most Likely to Win Jeopardy.”  Two people were chosen per category to equally represent genders. 

Twenty-two faculty members turned out in the Wythe Hall Gallery for the lunch hour event. They walked the red carpet, took photos, enjoyed Sweet Frog frozen yogurt and mingled with their colleagues, and met SGA members.  

Elizabeth Axberg, SGA president, said the event was to show faculty members “how loved they are, and make sure that they knew they are appreciated.”

A staunch believer in expressing gratitude, Axberg conceived the project. “The impact you have on someone by telling them ‘thank you’ is tremendous,” she said, noting that her SGA peers eagerly got on board for the venture.  

To raise funds for the social, they hosted a video game tournament and waffle bake sale. Plus, other student organizations including the International Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Science and Engineering Student Association donated money.

On the SGA’s behalf, Axberg expressed appreciation for the clubs’ donations and thanked all who took the survey and those who supported the fundraisers. She also thanked Kadisia Archer and Megan Cummings of Student Life and Leadership for backing this effort which is SGA’s second such venture.  In late 2018 the group presented Kindness Through Words. The project encouraged students via survey to write kind notes about faculty and staff members, and their notes were decoratively packaged and hand-delivered to selectees.  

Most Unforgettable: Linda Dunn & Leo Keneally
Most Organized: Adrianna Hardage, Kelly Hines and Clarence Hundley
Most Likely to Cheer You Up: Cait Layton & Scott Reid
Most likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Lauren Williams & Sylvain Poosson
Most Respected: Jennifer Martin & Donald Ouellette
Best Storyteller: Julia Varbalow & Don Groover
Most Inspirational: Kristi Watts & Zachary Lechner
Best Wardrobe: Ji Hyon Mun & Sylvain Poosson
Most likely to be Mistaken for a Student: Adrianna Hardage & Zachary Lechner
Most Quirky:Sherry Vaughn & Steve Wilson 
Most Energetic: Keisha Samuels & Sergio Maria-Fagundez
Best Smile: Lynsey LeMay & Pengfei Song
Most Quotable: Ann Evans & Don Groover
Funniest: Kimberly Zahn & Leo Keneally 
Most Likely to Win Jeopardy: Jaqueline Spencer & Anthony Fotinos

Elizabeth Axberg, President
Xiomara Cuno Lavilla, President Hampton Campus
Sherlock Banks II - Secretary/TreasurerMark-Anthony Garcia Sr. - SGA Speaker of the Senate
Nikolaus Klieforth, Senator  
Devyn Wilder, Senator
Caroline Geis, Senator