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Templin Hall Upgrade Promotes Collaboration

March 21, 2019
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Room 912 in Templin Hall has undergone a big change.

As campus-wide technology upgrades continued in Room 912 in Templin Hall, professors and students were left seeing red, and different shades of red at that. When you are involved in the visual arts and doing a lot of work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite, it’s important colors match up perfectly. The Samsung and Sharp monitors being used in the room were off on their colors just enough to present problems.

“Samsung red may not be the same as a Sharp TV red, so in this case we went all Samsung … not that Sharp was bad,” said Alex Gabriel, the Coordinator of Academic Technologies at Thomas Nelson. “Now, they’re all uniform.”

The professors and students are, once again, seeing the same things.

“We haven’t had any problems or complaints since that first hiccup,” Gabriel said.

As with previously renovated classrooms, the key has been the addition of Promethean’s interactive display board and accompanying high-powered camera. However, Room 912 (the Language Laboratory) also was redesigned. There are now four work stations that can accommodate six students each, and each group has its own monitor/screen.

The changes have made a good first impression on David Rueckert, an associate professor in Graphic and Media Design, who noted he has been working with the new arrangement for just a short time.

“I like the idea of the new setup and think it will make it better for students to see the technical instruction,” he said.

Rueckert said having more monitors brings the students closer to the instructional material and makes it easier for them to see. But there’s another reason he’s pleased with what he has seen so far.

“I like the fact that this new lab/classroom is right next to the other graphic and media design lab in Room 907,” he said. “I observe that the students in various classes interact with each other more just because of the closer proximity. It promotes increased communication and collaboration in the program overall.”

Since completing the upgrade to the room on the second floor of Templin Hall, Gabriel’s department has been at the Historic Triangle campus recently working on more than 10 rooms. He isn’t sure when that work will be complete.