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Thomas Nelson Breaks Down Tuition and Fees

November 20, 2018

Students conversed with Thomas Nelson President John Dever during his recent fall forums at campuses in Hampton and Williamsburg. They touched on numerous subjects, and questions about tuition and fees topped concerns.

As a result, Finance and Administration officials provided a thorough explanation of the College's costs. 

The State Board for Community Colleges (SBCC) sets fees for Virginia’s Community Colleges (VCCS). The VCCS strives to ensure that tuition will not exceed half of the average cost to attend a public four-year institution in Virginia.

Additionally, SBCC sets technology fees and a capital fee. The technology fee is charged for all credit courses including those delivered by distance learning (online classes). The capital fee may be charged to all out-of-state students taking credit courses.

In addition to the tuition established by SBCC, each community college charges a mandatory student activity fee. Thomas Nelson uses this fee as follows:

  • Student Activity Fees: These fees cover the cost of cultural, recreational and social activities, intramural athletic programs to enhance our student’s college experience and funds to administer these programs at both campuses.  
  • Parking/Safety & Security Fees: The fees fund parking lot maintenance and repair and cover the cost of student parking permits. These fees fund various campus safety and security issues including external lighting, security cameras, emergency call boxes and more.

Effective fall 2018 the per-credit fees are $1.76  for the student activity fee and $2.44 for parking safety & security, for a total of $4.20 per credit hour.

For a complete break down of Thomas Nelson's tuition and fees, click HERE.