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Thomas Nelson Reconstitution Update

May 20, 2021
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On Friday May 21, Dr. Brannon will join presidents from each of Virginia’s Community Colleges and the System Vice-Chancellors in a meeting with the Chancellor to discuss the new and anticipated mitigation strategies. They will also explore the potential development of system-wide guidance for a safer return to face-to-face learning and services at each of Virginia’s Community Colleges. Further, it is anticipated that additional mitigation strategies will be relaxed and/or withdrawn within the Commonwealth on May 28. After receiving the information provided from each of the aforementioned dates, the Reconstitution Team, in collaboration with each of the subcommittees, will be tasked with providing a comprehensive set of planning assumptions and recommendations to President Brannon and Cabinet on Thursday, June 3.

 As we close this important communication, we wanted to share a reminder that President Brannon and Cabinet will return to campus beginning June 1, and the College’s Deans and Directors will return to campus on June 15. Additional staff and faculty working this summer will return to campus on June 29 and the College plans to be open to students on July 6. As a reminder, the College’s leadership and supervisors are working through return plans and recommendations within their units and providing the information to their respective Cabinet representatives.

To each of you who have participated in the Reconstitution Team/Subcommittee processes, forums, and shared information, concerns, and/or recommendations via email or other communication mediums, we thank you for being a part of the process and helping to guide the College through these unprecedented situations. If you would like to participate, please contact a member of the Reconstitution Team or a subcommittee. There is always time for everyone’s input on this important process. Together, we will return; together, we will share success; and, together, we will support our College family, current and prospective students, community partners, and visitors.