Introduction to Remotely Piloted Flight

Flying drone in the sky.
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Continuing Education & Training

Go beyond Part 107 and learn how to fly your Small Unmanned Aircraft System also known as a “drone” without a GPS. 

Understanding the principles of flight and how they affect your drone are extremely important. In this class you will learn how to conduct pre-flight inspections, takeoffs, landings, coordinated banked turns, forward flight, and in-ground effect. The class will also teach you immediate action drills to help handle emergency situations such as; lost link, handling in air hazards, pilot disorientation, and low battery. 

You will receive walk through training on verifying system settings, calibrating the compass, start-up, two meter check, in-flight operations, landing, shutdown, post flight checks and flight logging.

Classes to be held: 

Hampton Campus

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Class Fee: $225


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