Welding Technology Advanced - Career Studies Certificate

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Career Studies Certificate
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Open doors to greater possibilities in a welding career. Industries such as shipbuilding, construction, automotive, manufacturing and aviation depend heavily on highly-trained welders.

Working in various building and construction industries, welders primarily join metal parts together. Their work impacts daily life affecting bridges, pipelines, power-plants, refineries and much more.  Welders also maintain the machinery and equipment with which they work. 

Virginia Peninsula brings an Advanced Welding Career Studies Certificate to meet the short-term training needs of many adults in our service region. Providing additional knowledge and skills, this advanced CSC will teach you how to weld proficiently enough to earn AWS certifications.


Upon completion of the certificate, you will be prepared to successfully enter the workforce in the welding industry. Jobs such as plumber and pipefitter, auto body repair technician, construction worker, heavy equipment mechanic/fabricator and many more are feasible.

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