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Career Services provides employment assistance and online resources for you.

Regional Skill Certification Testing Center

The Virginia Peninsula Regional Skill Certification Testing Center (RSCTC) offers a myriad of certification exams, using computer-based technology, the internet, and other cutting-edge processes.  The Center is a comprehensive and dynamic resource for contributing to the community’s workforce and economy by its offering of certification exams that address a variety of trades and professions.

Career Counseling

Certified Career Coaches are available to guide you through the employment process.  An appointment is required for individual career counseling, career assessment interpretations, and mock interviews.  Walk-in service is suggested for quick questions, initial resume reviews and assistance with electronic career resources.  Students may stop by to utilize the career library, search for jobs on College Central Network, and register for one of our events. 

Career Assessment

With so many choices, career planning can feel overwhelming at times, we can help.  Because we know the best opportunities available to you at this intersection of your skills, interests and values. Call Career Services your password to access our free sites, or attend our free workshop “Find Your Passion and Your Plan.”

Job Searching

The best strategy for a job search is to be proactive.  Begin searching for a job before you need one. Leverage Career Services and College Central Network for job leads. Stop in or call Career Services for a list of job search sites, and attend our free workshops “Search and See Through Strategies” or “Job Searching with Social Media.”


Knowing others who can connect you to opportunities is the key to lifelong business success. Develop a Linked profile, join a campus or professional organization, volunteer your time, attend employer-networking events, and attend our free workshop, “How To Work A Career Fair.” 

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Your resume is your ticket to win an interview.  Use College Central Network and make an appointment with Career Services to start a resume or polish an existing one. Attend our free workshops, “Write A Winning Resume,” “Compelling Cover Letters,” and “Online Application Tips.”

Interviewing Skills

If you have been invited to interview, then you are a top contender for the job. Make a positive, professional impression by practicing your interview through Big Interview. Make an appointment with Career Services to practice a mock interview, or attend our free workshops,  “Interview Preparation,” “Your Professional Image” or “The Do’s and Don’ts of Disclosure.”


Additional Resources

In one location, we connect you to the VEC, Peninsula Worklink and Hampton Small Business Development Center.  Explore a few of our partners’ websites and additional online career resources:

Career Information

Career Assessments

There are many jobs we can do. The following sites include free questionnaires to determine not only your skills but your interests, for an ideal match: