Seven Weeks of Wellness | Thomas Nelson Community College

Seven Weeks of Wellness

Seven Weeks of Wellness


Week 1: Kick-off

Join this Kick-off event an complete a wellness wheel exercise to see where you are within the 12 elements on the wheel. Use this info to gain self-discovery through: completing a journaling exercise, diving into you own fears, challenges, and well-being. You will guided to create your

own goals for this semester.

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Week 2: Mindset Change
Join in to learn about Fixed vs Growth Mentality and applying them to today’s virtual environment, while finding empowerment to adopt new mindsets to overcome current challenges.
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Week 3: Movement

You will be guided to adopt an easy and realistic plan for increasing exercise to build up to walking a 5K 3x a week, using the exercise format that is best for you. A 5K is an average of 3500 steps, which can be easily tracked with a mobile device. You don't need a Fitbit or other tech tracking device. And, if you prefer not to walk, there will be different options provided to get your steps. This program will help you get outside and enjoy the fresh air to uplift your mood & create movement.

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Week 4: The Importance of Hydration for Our Brains and Bodies

Tune in to get: Suggested Action Items - Water Bottle Tips - "How to" Create Reminders at Home - "How to" Track Your Daily Water Intake - Hydrating to Support Your BRAIN and BODY.

Water trackers will be emailed to each participant.

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Week 5: Clean Eating Not Just for Nourishment

Learn about clean eating and how it impacts your ability to learn, study and retain information. Learn simple, budget-friendly clean-eating meal planning options. Recipes included!

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Week 6: Bedtime Routine/Sleep

Tune in to get the Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep and the how rejuvenation and repair process is critical to daily productivity. Learn how  technology can interfere with this process.

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Week 7: Stress/Resilience Techniques

Join in to learn the Steps to Release Stress with techniques you can use! These techniques will help you through the school year, work life, family life and especially the holidays, when life tends to get overwhelming.
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