Virtual Commencement | Thomas Nelson Community College

Virtual Commencement

In a move to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 amid a surging new variant, Thomas Nelson (becoming Virginia Peninsula Community College) is switching most of its classes from in-person to virtual for the first two weeks of spring semester. Read more.

9:30 a.m. - Pre-Show and Countdown



10 a.m. - 51st Commencement Ceremony - A Virtual Celebration




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Global Commencement Speakers
Hear messages from around the world


Jennifer Trethewey

Author of Change or Choke and Director/Founder JTG Global
Melbourne, Australia


Rosetta Qadhi

CEO of the Think and Grow Rich Caribbean
Ontario, Canada


Tony Brothers

American Professional Basketball Referee
Norfolk, Virginia


Bron Hansboro

Chief Creative of The Flower Guy Bron
Richmond, Virginia


Kimberly "Queen Kimmie" Tyson

Retired US Army Veteran and CEO of Queen Kimmie 101 Coaching and Courses
Columbia, South Carolina


Fawn Miller

Life+Career+Purpose Coach
Yelapa, Mexico



10 a.m. - Our Graduates Listed by Division




Arts, Business, Humanities
and Social Sciences

Dr. Ursula Bock,Dean


Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics

Beth Dickens, Academic Assistant Coordinator


Public Safety, Allied Health
and Human Services

Paul Long, Interim Dean





Congratulations to all students graduating in 2020. God Bless you and give you strength and wisdom to continue your journey.

Congratulations to my friend Leialae Kanan. I am so excited for you. May this next chapter be all that you want it to be. Good luck Rock Star.

I am going to miss this place and I wish all my friends the best of luck with future courses.

Congratulations Baby I am so Very Proud of you

To those of you who I had the honor of being your instructor; I wish you well in your future studies and endeavors. :)

Congratulations Ivey

Congratulations sweet mom and daughter Monica Wingo! We are sou proud of you ! You are going to do so great! We love you !

Congratulations aunt Wanda Owens Johnson, we're SO proud of you. I'm sorry we couldn't be there but we're there in spirit cheering you on! Continue to follow ypur dreams and so big things, you made it!!

Congratulations Zane!

Congratulations Toi we are so proud of you!!!

Desirae we are all proud of you! Keep being your amazing self!

When you put your mind and heart into it everything can happen.

I am so happy for Teresa white you did it and good luck as you start a new journey

I am so proud of my daughter Ashley Yuwan Barnes, her hard work and determination has paid off..Love you Ashley!

Congratulations to my beautiful and very sweet cousin Gloria Tyus! Your family here in Chicago is so proud of you! Wish we could have been there in person but nothing will overshadow this accomplishment! Keep going all the way. We love you.

Congratulations to all my students and all students of Thomas Nelson community college. Good luck on your journey and all you aspire to.

Thank you Dr. Reid for being such an awesome teacher! I very much enjoyed your class and will never forget it! You're awesome and I am so glad I got to take your class last semester!
I graduated!! woohoo!!!

Congrats to every one of you who worked hard and graduated this semester! It has been hard to continue with all the stress of life these days, but WE DID IT!! Thank you to all the professors and staff who made this possible!
You are appreciated. <3

So very proud of you all! It was an honor to teach the CADD Students! May all your wishes and dreams come true!

I am so very very proud of my niece Brianna Bones. You did it. I love you and congratulations!!

I love her and I am so proud of her and her accomplishments, I knew that she would prosper, she can do all thru Christ who gives her strength. God Bless You Wanda !!!

Congratulations to all Human Services students on your accomplishments. I am elated with joy and gladness as you have successfully completed the requirements for your degree and/ or certificate. I am so proud to lead and teach future Human Services Professionals. Continued success and best wishes. Remember you have “It”!
Keisha Samuels
Associate Dean and Department Chair

Congratulations, we are so proud of you!! You did it!!!

I just want to say that Thomas Nelson did an outstanding job on putting everything together to make it happen for us 2020 graduates! I thank everyone for a job well done! I'm the first girl in my family that graduated from college and I'm blessed by God!!!

The Department of Youth and Family Resources in Surry, VA is so proud of Aundrea Hamrick for her successful completion in Human Services. Aundrea is a jewel in assisting our department and an awesome asset to our entire community. We love you, Aundrea. Congratulations ! -From Team DYFR

To : Ms. Deanna Wilson (my. beautiful niece) and the Thomas Nelson Graduates God bless each and everyone of you in all your endeavors! If you can survive this interruption imagine how much more you can achieve!

To : Ms. Deanna Wilson (my. beautiful niece) and the Thomas Nelson Graduates God bless each and everyone of you in all your endeavors! If you can survive this interruption imagine how much more you can achieve!

Congratulations from all of your children . You persevered through the paper jams, no ink, and multiple assignments due at once. Thank you for demonstrating strength and determination . We’re so proud of you!!! Continue to follow your dreams as you motivate us to do so as well. Love you MUCH ❤️Mann, Chico, and Landa

You all have fought long and hard for this moment. The sprint to the finish line perhaps was the hardest. Congratulations! I wish you success in your endeavors. It's been a pleasure serving you in the Math Center.

Again Congratulations! Enjoy your moment!
Vickie Herzog

CONGRATULATIONS DOMONIQUE!!!! I am so Proud of You!!! Much Love, your Proud GodMom!!!

Congratulations to my little sister and all the 2020 graduates.

Congratulations to my little sister April Jordan and all The 2020 Graduates.

Congratulations MacKenzie Brenae' Sheppard! We are so proud of what you have accomplished at TNCC and look forward to seeing you grow even more at VCU - School of Arts. We love you!

Congratulations MacKenzie Brenae' Sheppard! We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished at TNCC. Hold your head high and go forth knowing you can succeed. We look forward to you soaring to greater heights at VCU - School of Arts.

Congratulations to my sister Kelsey!!!!!! I’m so proud of her and all the hard work she’s done!!!! We love you!!


Congratulations to Sarah Girard from your family in North Dakota!! Wish we could have been there to congratulate you. Wishing you all the best as you move forward with your dreams. Good luck, have fun, and we couldn't be prouder!! Love you!

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