Free Speech

Free Speech

In accordance with Sections 2 and 3 of  the Administrative Procedures Manual 12.15

"Virginia Peninsula property is primarily dedicated to academic, student life, and administrative functions.  As an institution of higher learning, Virginia Peninsula also represents the “marketplace of ideas,” and especially for students, many areas of campus represent a public forum for speech and other expressive activities.  Virginia Peninsula places restrictions on expressive activities occurring indoors, but especially for students and student organizations, outdoor areas of campus remain venues for free expression, including speeches, demonstrations, and the distribution of literature.

Indoors or outdoors, Virginia Peninsula shall not interfere with the rights of individuals and groups to the free expression of their views or impermissibly regulate their speech based on its content or viewpoint."

Virginia Peninsula Expressive Activity Policy - APM 12.15

Free Speech Certification

Free Speech FAQ

Additional Info:

Report an Incident

Violations of the expressive activity policy can be reported via Report an incident. This includes academic concerns, discrimination, student conduct, disruptive behavior, threats, and other concerns.

Safety at Virginia Peninsula

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the college.

Bulletin Board

There is a bulletin board on each campus designated for “Public Notices.” The materials for posting on the Hampton or Historic Triangle campus must be approved by Kadisia Archer at

Room Request

Student clubs, student organizations, and student groups wishing to host activities on-campus must contact the Student Activities office to request space.    Activity planning procedures and forms are available from the Student Life and Leadership Offices in Hampton and at the Historic Triangle campuses or by contacting  The use of College facilities is granted in accordance with the Expressive Activity policy. 

Expressive Activity Space Request

Groups not affiliated with Virginia Peninsula Community College are to fill out the form below and submit it in a timely manner to allow time for the approval process to take place.