Early Alert

An Overview

At any given college, some students struggle academically in their courses. They may have frequent absences, miss assignments, and/or perform poorly on assignments. Just as importantly, some students may not know who they should contact for assistance. As such, our Early Alert (EA) program provides students with critical support and essential guidance to counter factors that could inhibit their success.

The Process

By issuing alerts, instructors identify students who exhibit behaviors that could impede academic progress. The identified students receive an email requesting that they meet with their instructors to discuss the alert. At the same time, Student Services team members reach out to students also to provide appropriate intervention and assistance.

Early Alert Access

Early Alert can be accessed by signing in to MyVPCC.

Early Alert Training Handouts Access

Training handouts are available by clicking the appropriate link located above in the upper-right hand corner. Information includes how to take attendance, issue alerts, manage cases, view/document notes, and close cases.