Talent Development

Performance Management; Learning and Development; Engagement; and Employee Relations


As a state agency, Virginia Peninsula has adopted the DHRM definition of employee engagement. Engagement is the discretionary effort an employee makes or takes to get the job done. It is the commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals.

Employee Relations

The definition of employee relations refers to the college's efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees. By maintaining positive, constructive employee relations, colleges hope to keep employees loyal and more engaged in their work.  

Learning and Development

The goal of learning and development is to enhance individual and team performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. Learning and development, often called training and development, forms part of the college’s talent development strategy and is designed to align individual and team performance with the college’s overall vision, mission, and goals.

Performance Management

Performance management is an integral part of your success and productivity improvement. There is a formal system of review and evaluation for every classification of employee at Virginia Peninsula.