Virginia Peninsula Community College Brand Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to establish verbal and visual standards to ensure that Virginia Peninsula Community College portrays a consistent brand image and message throughout all communications.

Proper Use of College Name

In all formal documents, printed materials and web-based communications, in the first reference the name should be referred to as "Virginia Peninsula Community College." After the first reference, the college can be referred to as "Virginia Peninsula."

Virginia Peninsula Editorial Style Guide

Virginia Peninsula Logo

Our logo symbolizes the strength and stability of the institution. It is permissible to use the icon as a stand-alone graphic element or as a background/watermark graphic. The icon should not be altered in any way.
Please do not use any previous versions of the logo. If you notice an older logo appearing on College documents, please replace it with the new logo or notify the appropriate department.

Prohibited Uses of the Logo

Please do not:

  • Use any unspecified colors
  • Alter the colors
  • Place the logo on a background other than white, black, or one of the official colors
  • Alter the horizontal or vertical scale
  • Change the font used
  • Alter the spacing between the mark and the type.
  • Remove design elements.
  • Add slogans or headers.
  • Add symbols or design elements.
  • Add borders.
  • Use a low-resolution version of the logo in any application

Logo Files

The logo is provided below for download in PNG format.


Download (PNG)


VPCC Logo with tag line

Download (PNG)


Black and white

VPCC Logo Black hor

Download (PNG)


VPCC Logo Black Hor With Tag Line

Download (PNG)




Download (PNG)


VPCC Logo STK eith tag line

Download (PNG)


Vertical Black and white


VPCC Logo black STK

Download (PNG)


VPCC Logo black STK with tag line

Download (PNG)


Color Palette

Primary colors


RGB: (82,44,109), HEX: #59315F


RGB: (0,89,68), HEX: #115740

College Typography

The Virginia Peninsula brand type font families are Gotham, Adobe Garamond, Arial, and Sans-serif for the web. Arial and Times are recommended for digital & Microsoft Office Suite applications.