Parking Regulations

Parking on campus throughout the year, including break periods for Faculty, Staff and Students is by permit only. Visitor parking is permitted in marked spaces during business hours only. Overnight parking is prohibited; exceptions may be granted for Faculty, Staff and Students by Campus Police.

The issuance of a permit does not guarantee a parking space, but affords the registrant an opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when parking space is available. The exception is when a Faculty or Staff member purchases an annual permit at the premium rate. This permits the holder to designate a particular space within designated Faculty/Staff parking areas for exclusive use during the academic year. The space will be designated by a number and sign.

The College is not responsible for losses due to theft or damage to vehicles while parked on College-owned property or while parked on any property leased by the College.

The Virginia Peninsula Community College Campus Police are responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations and may impose traffic control restrictions as required. Conference parking, special events parking, and all temporary parking requirements of the College are to be scheduled and approved through Campus Police by the College sponsor and/or host.

All vehicles must display current Division of Motor Vehicle registration plates and must also be covered by liability insurance. Infractions of these parking regulations are the responsibility of the student/faculty/staff and/or registered vehicle owner. All vehicles operated and parked on College property and off campus sites by Faculty, Staff and Students must be display a valid Virginia Peninsula parking permit.

Persons with Disability Parking

Physically disabled persons must display a state issued handicapped license plate or placard to park in handicapped spaces on campus. Faculty, staff and students operating motor vehicles that display handicapped license plates or placards must also display a valid Virginia Peninsula permit.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles are not required to display a Virginia Peninsula permit but must be parked in the designated areas in the various lots on campus. For more information, contact Campus Police.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles must be parked in areas provided or parked in a manner that does not impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Bicycles must not be parked inside or against any College building.

Regulations and Violations

It is a violation to park a vehicle without a valid Virginia Peninsula parking permit, unless one is a Visitor to the campus and parks in a Visitor’s space. Students, Faculty and Staff are not permitted to use Visitor’s spaces at any time.

Parking Penalties

Fines are payable upon issuance of citation. A hold will be placed on student accounts by the Cashiers Office until all fines are paid in full. A hold will prevent a student from registering for Classes, receiving an official transcript and will also delay the processing of student account refunds, including refunds for financial aid. A one-time $10.00 late fee will be imposed on all each tickets not paid within thirty (30) days after having been issued. Vehicles with two unpaid parking fines and incur a third parking violation will be towed or booted at the owner/operator’s expense. Students, Faculty, and Staff who fail to remit fines and those who are repeat violations of parking regulations may suffer the loss of parking privileges. All unpaid citations may be submitted to the Commonwealth’s debt set off program and/or a private collection agency.

Prohibited Parking Subject to Towing at Owner’s Expense

  • Vehicles parked overnight without proper authorization
  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes
  • Vehicles impeding normal flow of traffic or normal function of the College
  • Unauthorized vehicles parked on campus


Tickets for parking violations may be appealed in writing to the College’s Ad Hoc Parking Appeals Committee within (10) ten calendar days of the violation. Decisions of the Committee are final.

Appeal forms are online at (Parking/Photo ID). Forms need to be completed, signed and brought to the Photo ID Office with all required documentation. (See Appeals Form for further information). Paper forms can also be acquired at the Cashiers and Parking/Photo ID offices.

Decisions of the Ad Hoc Parking Appeals Committee will be communicated to the person making the appeal. If an appeal is denied, the fine must be paid within (10) ten calendar days of the Committee’s notification.

Parking Fines Structures

Description of Violation Fine

  • Parked Without a Valid Permit : $ 20.00
  • Parked in Crosswalk : $ 10.00
  • Parked in Loading Zone : $ 10.00
  • Parked in Designated Reserved Space : $ 20.00
  • Parked on the Grass : $ 10.00
  • Parked in a No Parking Zone : $ 10.00
  • Parked in Fire Lane : $ 20.00
  • Improper Display of Permit : $ 5.00
  • Illegal Use, Disposal or Acceptance of Permit or Pass : $ 20.00
  • Parked in Space Reserved for Handicapped : $ 100.00
  • Failure to Display Handicap Placard : $ 5.00
  • Parked in Faculty/Staff Lot with Student Permit : $ 10.00
  • Parked in Student Lot with Faculty/Staff Permit : $ 10.00
  • Vehicle Illegally Parked : $ 10.00
  • Vehicle Parked in Motorcycle Space : $ 5.00
  • Motorcycle Parked in Vehicle Space : $ 5.00
  • Blocking Another Vehicle : $ 10.00
  • Obstructing Traffic : $ 10.00
  • Defaced/Altered Permit : $ 5.00
  • Boot Removal Fee : $ 25.00
  • Use of Stolen Permit : $ 50.00
  • Parked in Roadway : $ 10.00
  • Improper Parking : $ 10.00
  • Exceeded Posted Time : $ 10.00
  • Tampering with/removal of Immobilizer : $ 50.00
  • Parked within 15 Ft. of Fire Hydrant : $ 10.00
  • Parked in a State Vehicle Space without Authorization : $ 10.00
  • Vehicle Left Overnight without Authorization : $ 20.00 + tow fee
  • Abandoned Vehicle : $ 20.00 + tow fee