Active Shooter/Gunman on Campus

In the event that a person is seen on College property with a gun or is actively firing a weapon, the following action plan is recommended:

  • If possible, lock yourself in the room you are in.
  • If communication is available, call 3511 Campus Police and Security Services.
  • Don't stay in the open hallway.
  • Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm would signal the occupants in the other rooms to evacuate the building and, thus, place them in potential harm as they attempt to exit.
  • Barricade yourself in a room with furniture or anything you can push up against the door.
  • Protect yourself with any available barriers, such as concrete walls, desks or tables.
  • Lock windows and close blinds.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Turn off all lights and audio equipment.
  • Turn cell phones and pagers to silent mode.
  • Try to stay calm and be as quiet as possible.
  • If for some reason you are caught in an open area such as a hallway or lounge, seek the closest available shelter.

Note: The previous information cannot cover every possible situation that might occur. If there is gunfire or explosives are discharged, you should take cover immediately. After the disturbance, seek emergency treatment if necessary.

Contact Information

Hampton Campus
757-825-3511 (emergency number)
757-879-3649 (after hours cell)
Desk locations: Diggs Hall - room 153

Williamsburg Campus
757-508-3449 (emergency number)
757-879-3649 (after hours cell)
Desk locations: HT 1st floor Photo Office
Police Office - 2nd floor (RM200)

Southeast Higher Education Center
757-825-3511 (emergency number)
757-879-3649 (after hours cell)
Desk locations: Hallway closest to the Administrative Officers