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Career Studies Certificate
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

In-demand skills. Join the excitement with Virginia Peninsula’s Electrical Engineering Technology program where you can learn to keep up with ever-growing technological advancements.

This certificate focuses on critical problem-solving skills, theory and components to provide students with a proficient understanding for controlling the flow of electrical currents for the purpose of information processing and system control. The certificate integrates components, devices and design, complexities and differing operations. Students will receive the expert knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in the industry.


Virginia Peninsula’s Electrical Engineering Technology program will prepare you not only for immediate employment but also to use this knowledge to continue your education at a four-year institution via our articulation agreements. Graduates who earn degrees in this field become Technicians/Technologists in:

  • Robotics, factory automation, communications
  • Shipbuilding, aviation, automotive
  • Design technicians for small proto-board applications
  • Audio/Video Equipment Technicians
  • Computer hardware and network specialists
  • Automated assembly equipment technician
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) specialists
  • Telecommunication line installers/repairers
  • Electronic equipment design assemblers/troubleshooters
Arduino Elctronic board and a robo arm and a satellite dish

"I would encourage somebody who wants to work with their hands and has the drive to consistently develop and design electrical or mechanical systems to enroll in this program as it has helped me become more well-rounded with my deep background in the electrical field."

Zach Walikainen

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