Engineering - Associate of Science Degree

Engineering - Associate Degree
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Associate of Science
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Engineer your career. Virginia Peninsula’s engineering curriculum is a collection of rigorous math and science courses that will prepare you to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering field.

Enroll in specialized engineering programs such as mechanical, electrical, computer, civil and chemical engineering. The curriculum includes opportunities for internships, some of which include part-time employment with local industry partners such as NASA Langley, Continental Automotive and Synerject. Students can also participate in the University of Virginia - Virginia Peninsula Summer Laboratory Research program. Several scholarships are available for engineering students.


Use your credits from Virginia Peninsula’s Engineering program to transfer to a four-year institution. Virginia Peninsula graduates who complete an associate degree within a qualifying grade point average benefit from Virginia Peninsula’s special admissions agreements with more than 20 Virginia four-year institutions including William & Mary, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University and University of Virginia. Graduates with degrees in engineering can explore aerospace, industrial, architectural, electrical, agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, mechanical and nuclear engineering fields. Graduates also become:

  • architecture and engineering teachers (postsecondary)
  • health and safety engineers (except mining safety engineers and inspectors)
  • landscape architects
  • marine engineers and naval architects
  • materials engineers
  • materials scientists
  • mining and geological engineers, including mining safety engineers
  • natural science managers
  • operations research analysts
  • petroleum engineers
  • surveyors

"I would definitely recommend the engineering program to someone who is interested in a career in that field.  With planning, it is affordable. I am a teacher with a wife that stays home with our four children, and I have taken one to three classes per semester. The schedule is designed for full-time students and working people like me who need to take evening classes.  The two-year degree I receive at Virginia Peninsula prepares me to succeed at any four-year college I choose."

Nicolas Bates

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