Presidential Ambassador Anaiah Bell

  1. When did you enroll at Virginia Peninsula?
    - 2018

  2. From which high school did you graduate?
    - Tabb high school

  3. What is your major?
    - Social science

  4. Why did you select that major?
    - I chose a social science major when I first started my college journey because I wanted to become a therapist for children.

  5. Why did you choose the Virginia Peninsula?
    - I tried going to Virginia Peninsula to see if college was the right choice for me.

  6. What inspires you and your pursuit of higher education?
    - The types of jobs and opportunities I want for my future require that I get a degree.

  7. How is your experience at Virginia Peninsula helping you as you work toward your goal?
    - There have been a lot of students, staff and teachers that make this experience great.

  8. What are your academic and career goals over the next 5 years?
    - My academic goals are to graduate from VPCC then attend VCU for two years. Currently I work in childcare but in a few years I would like to change careers and work in photography.

  9. Would you recommend Virginia Peninsula to someone else and why?
    - Yes, I would recommend the college to anyone who has a busy schedule and still wants to go to school since the VPCC offers easy to follow online courses.

  10. What clubs or activities are you involved in at VPCC or in your community?
    - I am not in a club currently at VPCC but I love to play Dungeons and Dragons and I love my local library.

  11. What impact does participation in these clubs/organizations have on you particularly as you continue your college education?
    - Playing Dungeons and Dragons has given me another way to socialize and meet new people in my community.

  12. Are there any Virginia Peninsula faculty members you want to mention for their extraordinary contribution to your experience at Virginia Peninsula?
    - I just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful teachers and staff at the college.