Presidential Ambassador Kayla Greene

Presidential Ambassador Kayla Greene
  1. When did you enroll at Virginia Peninsula?
    - Fall of 2022

  2. From which high school did you graduate?
    - Altus High School in Oklahoma

  3. What is your major?
    - Business Administration

  4. Why did you select that major?
    - I’m very interested in building my own business and I’m also interested in marketing.

  5. Why did you choose Virginia Peninsula?
    - I moved here two years ago and did some research on the schools within the area and found that the Virginia Peninsula Community College really peaked my interest with the diversity and the different resources.

  6. What inspires you in your pursuit of higher education?
    - My mom inspires me everyday to grow and achieve bigger and better things everyday through my education.

  7. How is your experience at Virginia Peninsula helping you as you work toward your goal?
    - Virginia Peninsula helps me work toward my goal by providing me with the resources and motivation to keep going.

  8. What are your academic and career goals over the next five years?
    - I plan to transfer to VCU to finish my degree in marketing and then start a career working as a social media marketer.

  9. Would you recommend Virginia Peninsula to someone else? Why?
    - Yes, because the Virginia Peninsula Community College offers many different resources and guidance to anyone seeking guidance.

  10. What clubs or activities are you involved with at Virginia Peninsula and in your community?
    - I am involved with Trio and The National Society of Leadership and Success.

  11. What impact does participating in these clubs/organizations have on you particularly as you continue your college education?
    - These clubs have taught me how to take on responsibility and to think about my future.

  12. Are there any Virginia Peninsula faculty members you want to mention for their extraordinary contribution to your experiences at Virginia Peninsula?
    - I would like to mention Michelle Manfred for offering me this wonderful opportunity and I would also like to mention Natasha Woods (my trio adviser) for being very reliable and dependable when it comes to helping her students.