Presidential Ambassador Nolan Healy

Presidential Ambassador Nolan Healy
  1. When did you enroll at Virginia Peninsula?
    - January 2023

  2. From which high school did you graduate?
    - Lancaster Baptist High School in Lancaster California.

  3. What is your major?
    - Computer Science

  4. Why did you select that major?
    - To challenge my problem-solving skills and keep up with technology in the modern workforce.

  5. Why did you choose Virginia Peninsula?
    - VPCC offered me the best opportunity and flexibility to plan my career transition and map out my career path.

  6. What inspires you in your pursuit of higher education?
    - My grandfather inspires me to finish and be successful. As well as my Native American heritage.

  7. How is your experience at Virginia Peninsula helping you as you work towards your goal?
    - VPCC is helping me network and build good habits.

  8. What are your academic and career goals over the next five years?
    - I plan to get my degree and pursue career certificates in cyber security. As well as pursuing my graduate degree in cyber security. I plan to be working or intern as I continue my education.

  9. Would you recommend Virginia Peninsula to someone else? Why?
    - Yes I would due to the school's flexibility and eagerness to help their students and community members. VPCC offers an opportunity to set goals and excel academically.

  10. What clubs or activities are you involved with at Virginia Peninsula and in your community?
    - TRiO and Presidential Ambassador program.

  11. What impact does participation in these clubs/organizations have on you particularly as you continue your college education?
    - TRiO advisors are more personal and involved with their students as they want to support their students as much as possible. The advisors with TRiO will take a personal interest in their students and help map out an academic and career plan.

  12. Are there any Virginia Peninsula faculty members who you want to mention for their extraordinary contribution to your experiences at Virginia Peninsula?
    - LaRai Petway, TRiO Project Coordinator.