Administration of Justice - Associate of Applied Science Degree

Administration of Justice
Program Details
Associate of Applied Science
Academic Division: 
Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

Enforce the law. Turn to Virginia Peninsula to learn the basics of your career in law enforcement.

The associate degree program will prepare you to pursue various careers in the law enforcement field with courses in juvenile justice, criminal law, legal evidence, law enforcement and more.


Whether you need training for career advancement or you’re hoping to start a career in law enforcement, Virginia Peninsula can help you achieve your goals. The program will prepare you to advance in the field and continue study at a four-year institution. Jobs related to this field include:

  • accountants and auditors
  • animal control workers
  • bailiffs
  • correctional officers and jailers
  • criminal justice and law enforcement teachers, postsecondary
  • detectives and criminal investigators
  • first-line supervisors of farming, fishing and forestry workers
  • first-line supervisors of police and detectives
  • fish and game wardens
  • forensic science technicians
  • police and sheriff’s patrol officers
  • police, fire and ambulance dispatchers
  • probation officers and correctional treatment specialists
  • protective service workers
  • security guards
  • transit and railroad police

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