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Career Studies Certificate
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Arts, Business, Humanities, and Social Science

A snapshot of opportunity. Discover your artistic abilities, and develop the technical skills you’ll need for a successful photography career.

Virginia Peninsula’s Photography program includes courses in lighting, imaging and graphic design. The instructors focus on the attainment of technical skills used daily in professions related to photography. Learn in a black and white wet lab/darkroom and in a lighting studio with remote backdrop control. Use Virginia Peninsula’s print finishing room, and display your work in Virginia Peninsula’s Visual Arts Gallery.


Visual Communications

Jump into one of the fastest growing creative industries by specializing in Visual Communications at Virginia Peninsula. A part of the Associate of Applied Science in Photography program, the Visual Communications curriculum includes courses in photography, typography, design, desktop publishing and marketing.


Graduates of this program pursue careers as studio photographers, photography assistants and video production assistants. Serve businesses and organizations that are striving to add creativity to their print media and to develop a strong presence through digital media.

"Virginia Peninsula’s Photography program is absolutely amazing. Photo classes are very interactive and tons of fun. The instructors not only teach you but they are also great mentors."

Sarah Anderson

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