Cheryl Trexler

Cheryl Trexler
Literacy for Life has put me on track to begin a new chapter in my life with a college education and job searching skills.

When Cheryl Trexler realized that math was the only thing standing between her and an associate degree from Thomas Nelson Community College, she turned to Literacy for Life for help. In partnership with Thomas Nelson, Literacy for Life provides tutoring in math, reading, writing, financial and medical literacy and English as a Second Language. "[Literacy for Life was] the driving force that helped me attain my dream of completing college," Trexler said.

For several months she met with tutors who guided her through math concepts and helped her develop the skill and confidence she needed to complete Thomas Nelson's math requirements. She also received help with her resume, took advantage of career training, learned new interview skills and more. "[Literacy for Life] is the best kept secret in this community… Literacy for Life will assist you in any way they can. There are no boundaries, just caring and loving support," she said.

Trexler's quest for an associate degree began 40 years ago when she completed one year of study at a community college in Charlottesville, Va. "I always knew and felt that I wanted more than a high school diploma. My mother always impressed upon me the importance of a higher education, especially to be successful in the working world. No one in my family went to college until one of my brothers went to a community college and graduated when he was close to 50 years old," Trexler said.

When the mother of three started sharing the importance of higher education with her children, she decided to finish what she started in 1977. Thomas Nelson's Historic Triangle campus in Williamsburg was close to Trexler's Toano home. Online course offerings provided added convenience for her. She completed many of the requirements for an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services online and also earned Benefits Support Specialist, Gerontology and Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant career studies certificates.

Trexler extends gratitude to Literacy for Life Human Services Coordinator Mary Lynch as well as the tutors for their patience and support. "Literacy for Life has put me on track to begin a new chapter in my life with a college education and job searching skills," Trexler said. Her future plans include pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology at Mary Baldwin College.