Nicholas Pierce

Nicholas Pierce
“Those with the desire to learn will go far.”

One of Thomas Nelson's newest faculty members is Nicholas Pierce. He began his career somewhat unconventionally; he didn't choose to teach, he was ordered to. During his nine-year stint in the Navy, he was assigned to instructor duty and soon fell in love with sharing his knowledge of radio and networking systems with others. Pierce was introduced to information technology while in the Navy. After working in the private sector for three years, following his exit from the Navy, Pierce became a member of the Information Systems Technology faculty at Thomas Nelson in 2016.

He teaches Information Technology Essentials and Information Technology Networking, employing numerous hands-on methods in his classroom. Pierce has begun developing a self-sustained laboratory environment so his students can practice the skills they learn during class. He reminds his students that the technology field requires continual education.

"My biggest desire for my students is that they must understand that in the IT world, learning and growth take place every day until you retire," says Pierce. "They must continue to learn and explore. If not, they will fall behind and become stagnant in their careers."

Pierce wants his students to see the value in the coursework they are doing and how to use these skills in their careers. After his students graduate, they are prepared to enter the workforce as entry-level helpdesk workers or junior-level network administrators.

Though only on campus for a few months, Pierce is impressed by the lengths to which his students go to succeed. He sees students who are working two jobs, or taking care of a sick relative, but the students still manage to come to class and complete their work. "Those with the desire to learn will go far," he says.