Pengfei Song

Dr. Pengfei Song
"With good guidance and hard work, I believe that they all can succeed."

Originally from China, Dr. Pengfei Song inherited a passion for teaching from his father, a middle school educator. His own teaching experience began in graduate school, where he served four years as a teaching assistant. Song continued to teach during his fellowships at the Medical University of South Carolina and Harvard University. His formal teaching experience was established with a professorship at St. Johns University in New York, where his own development cemented his love for teaching. That love brought him to Hampton Roads for a position at Thomas Nelson, where he teaches Biology and Microbiology courses.

Song understands that his students come from different backgrounds, but is determined to treat everyone as equals. He wants his students to experience an environment in which he is approachable and where he can recognize their talents and skills.

"They inspire me, and I hope that I can also positively influence their lives," says Song. "I see the potential in my students and offer opportunities to succeed."

Drawing from his extensive educational background, Song incorporates innovative tools including pictures, video, games, discussion and even artifacts to effectively engage his students. He also uses alternative outlets such as Facebook and current news to provide real-life examples of the difficult concepts that can accompany biology. With a deep dedication to the success of his students, Song wants to ensure that they not only have a solid foundation in the basics of biology, but that they are also well qualified in their future educational endeavors. "With good guidance and hard work, I believe that they all can succeed," Song says.

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